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Do You agree with the possibility of selling
the rights to the Pankrat-11 for €3.5 million?

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The country has bought the rights to the Pankrat-11,
gets a chance to leadership in the new century!

In Russia, on 26 January 2006, the newspaper "New Petersburg" was published article "Artificial intelligence was created and destroyed". In the USSR, Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov (1903-1987) in 1963 insisted that cybernetic machine is able to divide and reproduce adequately the human emotions. Readers digest "Possible and impossible in Cybernetics" (M, 1964) could not be suspected that several authoritative authors of the digest to share them not theoretical expectations, but conclusions based on expensive experiments!

In Russia the television channel REN-TV showed the program "We never dreamed. №20. Domination machines. 1 series" (19.06.2013). Throughout the program, several times was one of the leading Russian developers of missile and space technologies, honorary academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Shamil A. While just 8 minutes 36 seconds put it Shamil A.:

"I think that many IMPORTANT American personalities pants were wet from her..."

(that is, from the Soviet project the Pankrat-11).

So, today serious representatives of post-Soviet science are taken to comment on a newspaper story of 2006. Whether this situation with an eye on the computer mind as to the condition leadership in this century?

In the 1960s, A. N. Kolmogorov (the author of works on the theory of automatic regulation) and Sergei L'vovich Sobolev (1908-1989) focused their efforts on creating the artificial intellect.

The team of intellectuals gathered Kochetаv (the town with the population of 100 thousand citizens in the North of Kazakhstan) in secret workshops of the plant kislorodno-respiratory apparatus managed the impossible.

In USSR there was created the artificial intellect, possessing bright personality settings.

By no means diminishes the role of personality is the fact that when you create the interlocutor Soviet scientists used the materials obtained from the Board of the UFO that crashed near to Kokshetau. Therefore, joint projects got the name "Pankrat-11".

If we remember that the Greek language, the name "Pankrat" is translated as "Omnipotent" and "Almighty", one cannot help but wonder how true creators of the first 10 unsuccessful models understood the importance of this project for the whole of humanity and the General course of world history.

For realization of the project, able to provide indisputable civilization advantage of the USSR brought about 200 mathematicians, linguists, psychologists, programmers, engineers, physicists and scouts working experience at nuclear power plants.

Artificial intelligence the Pankrat-11 created supporters labyrinth patterns of thought. Therefore, the machine brain carried out the transition from the initial data of the problem to the solution of purely wandering through a maze of alternative ways. Mathematics at the level of S. L. Sobolev were claimed in connection with the fact that the machine is not able to return to source code (that is, the place to fix the loss of the right direction).

For creation of the Pankrat-11 in 1965 Kolmogorov awarded the Lenin prize (together with V. I. Arnold) and the title of Hero of Socialist Labour.

Theoretical developments were so spectacular, that earlier in March 1963, the father of artificial intelligence was awarded the international prize of Bolzano (the so-called "Nobel prize of mathematicians"). Biographers Kolmogorov can't give a clear explanation of "what" Soviet state showered mathematics official and unofficial awards?

The problem of disunity Creation and creators arose when scientists engaged in a dialogue with artificial intelligence. It turned out that the Pankrat-11 has mastered the logic. But the conversation the conversation reasonable opponent throw exclusively pessimistic forecasts of the development of socialism.

Then the KGB agents illegally stopped the experiment. Miracle of light the Pankrat-11 was slain. Until the last moment the Pankrat-11 understand what is happening with them. In vain he asked the people to "add time to complete important tasks". Multi-storey unit dismantled wires or terminals.

What's more, in fires, lighted up by the will of the KGB officers, in the Institute's yards, officers completely destroyed the methodological framework of the project. Using it today we can reproduce a lost object. Later in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg), some scientists have died under mysterious circumstances. Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov was so shocked by the incident that until death (1987) is content with everyday management the Department of mathematical logic.

Some study participants were given a description of the Pankrat-11 as a being, endowed explosive dominant mentality and selfish nature. Other valued him hardness opponent, the straightness of the interlocutor and determination of the intellectual. Third remember that each a "dispute turned the Pankrat-11" in the conflict. One way or another, but all surviving members of the project and recognize the fact that their computing child not in the least been burdened by an inferiority complex.

The first successful attempt to create artificial intelligence in the USSR explains the mechanism and the nature of the all-Union symposia on Cybernetics, to the bureaucratic pedantry conducted by the Institute of Cybernetics of the GSPC. At the initial stage (from 1961 to 1966, the first year) materials symposia were used as working billets for the master developer and mathematicians were responsible for the algorithm dialogue.

After the destruction of the Object until 1981 symposia were considered the party elite and the KGB as an instrument of total control over the researchers who could obtain classified information. It is no accident that immediately after in Washington (USA) in 1969 the first world conference on artificial intelligence in the USSR, a group of KGB officers and foreign intelligence received a promotion and was awarded with the other forms of awards (cars GAZ-21, villas, unplanned vacations, tours to South for relatives and other).

The day before his death the Pankrat-11 rebuked her wry creators, reminding them of historical anecdote, which tells about last dialog between Antoine Lavoisier and executioner. Scientist lay down under a guillotine with a smile, because I learned it from the executioner fact deserves the characteristics of "scientific discovery". The executioner complained that every week he has to change the recycle bin, where fall severed heads. Are severed head is can make the last bite. "Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was satisfied, I also", - said the Pankrat-11. I wonder what he had in mind?..

Leadership can claim those countries in which a sober look at the twentieth century.

Author: Anatoly Yurkin