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St. Petersburg scientist attacks hepatitis and AIDS

Perhaps "Odnodvorets Ovseannicov" (1847) — the best essay of Turgenev's "Sketches". The text begins with a description: "Ovsyannikov was an exception to the general rule …" Today, on this memorable name more than once or twice you will come across in the book "Laser and health" (M.1999). Or in the list of participants in medical congresses, regularly held in the most exotic corners of the planet. Today the name belongs to the author of over 100 publications, 50 of which are devoted to the most complex aspects of laser medicine.

After a century and a half from St. Petersburg native born in 1936 Viktor Ovsyannikov had the reputation of literary names that many years interested in hang gliding, tirelessly wins "shestitysyachnikov" in the CIS countries, saves tourists from snowdrifts, draws locals from the mountain cracks and fractures stroynonogih blonde teaches the art to stand on skis. But this is not the original Russian, in love with the mountains and the sky. And in March 1996, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Ovseannicov flawlessly pass all reefs registration in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation and obtained a patent for — no more, no less! — The invention of "The laser method for treating AIDS!"
Lead researcher of the Scientific and Technical Center of Microtechnologies Institute of Electro Apparatus. DV Efremov embodies the idea that in the XXI century Russia will survive if it becomes the state workmen. The country of inventors. Civilization masters.

- Viktor Yushchenko, the essence of the revolutionary idea to use a laser against the most dangerous diseases of our time?

- Laser is widespread in modern medicine. The pioneer here was the creator of Laser Medicine deceased member of the Academy of Sciences of the Muscovite O.K.Skobelkin. But you can not laser treatment of other diseases carry on the fight with a very insidious lethal hepatitis or AIDS. In the world of science is unknown to our analogue — ST Petersburg — a method of treating AIDS. You laugh it, I come across high-ranking officials, who in their own way to understand the wide spread of the laser in the home. For example, in different rooms I have often asked — would benefit if the laser pointer is on sale in all the stationery store, apply to the centers of a pain? Of course not. On the other hand, if someone steals my device or thoughtlessly will duplicate the method developed by us with a wonderful doctor Natalia Sizova, the thief will not receive any more distinct results. Years of theoretical development and the results of hundreds and hundreds of experiments have helped us achieve that matrix-laser radiation we are working not only on the blood, but also to areas of bone marrow. Composition of the blood to normal and a half to two weeks!
If the benefit is not sustained for a long time — from 8 to 12 months — we would not get a patent. We would not take anyone seriously. But the Ministry of Health are aware that we have learned from Natalia seriously ill people vozvraschayut to a normal life for years and years! Patients refuse hospitalization, they do not look at people with disabilities. The essence of the invention is that it is our method of treating doctors practice dictates how and where, bypassing the skin to carry out the impact on the patient's blood infrared laser radiation with a wavelength of 700-1000 nm.
We talk on the exhibition "Industrialist of 2000" in the pavilion at the far corner of the N6 to stand Apparatus Research Institute of Electro. DV Efremov. Here priborchik exhibited small size with video games. I saw the look amateur gray plastic housing, the yellow sticker with five blue feather-keys and wires, connectors, which are similar to a connected VCR. Doctors Russia and St. Petersburg are delivered face-to-face the threat of epidemic occurrence of hepatitis and AIDS. For them it is — the weapon of victory. It is an invisible spear that George the Victorious in a white robe, still overcome many-headed vile creature. For its inventor — only one out of five to seven medical laser systems with a matrix transducer. "The Sun" — a hard worker for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. Not just a brilliant material embodiment of the patent N2112567, issued by "The Invention of devices for percutaneous irradiation of the blood and tissues," but the country is extremely necessary thing.


The Prophet (1997)

  Today on book counters the novelty of publishing house "Alphabet" has appeared.

  Novel "The Prophet" - my first prophecy. With the beginning of reorganization Russia was involved in total information war. The feature of such war is what to win it is possible with the help of new ideas. We shall be the winners. The businesses ours are not so bad, if the teacher of the literature writes the novels about secret knowledge of mankind. About the first prophet prehistoric of mankind.

  Future - manned island of the prophet. The prophet is a man transforming into the powerful ideo-logical weapon secrets of the past and knowledge of the future. Speaking modern language, the prophet is an expert in a survival of the peoples in extreme situations. Hearts of the Russian man knowledge of the past and prediction of the future reach mind and through art images of the literary text easier. In the dic-tionary at Dahl is told: "prophesy... To expose the future". The Prophecies can and not come true, but fact of presence of the prophet in national elements opens new opportunities.

  If in vague time the Russian reader requires clever warrior and creator of Empires then, why by the hero of the novel to not make creator of a new civilization? Whether it has turned out, to judge to the reader".

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